SK+SE is opening up digital art commissions!

I'm really excited to properly take commissions from folks who would like to see various characters rendered by me.


Here are my prices, fully explained:

* Sketch - $5
A straight-up pencil sketch! It may be refined slightly.

* Lined Sketch - $10
Added lineart is $5 more.

* Lined + Colored (no BG) - $15
Color is added, but no background.

* Lined + Colored (w/BG) - $20
A simple background is added in.

Adding an extra character comes with a $5 charge.
PayPal fees not included, will be reflected in an invoice.

How do you contact me? Easy! Hit up with an email (please have “commission” somewhere in the subject line) and explain your request (in detail, with references), and we’ll have dialogue on whether or not I can accept your commish.

All commission requests will be approved depending on the subject and complexity of the piece. Anime and western animation are definitely works which I can reliably render.

As a rule of thumb, check my DeviantArt or ArtStation to see what I can do, then email me.

Here's what to generally expect:

* 3 open slots!
The worst thing I could do is open a ton of them and drown under a ton of work that may not get done. 3 is manageable to me. Any more will be wait-listed.

* Communication by email!
Tumblr, Twitter, Discord, or other sites won't work as well, but I read email everyday - so that's where I'll be communicating from.

* Decent turnaround time!
Of course when I say this, I don’t mean rush job. I’ll take my time with every commission that comes in, but hopefully not at the slowest pace possible.

* Upfront payment!
That’s how it works for most folks these days - it can be a real pain to work on a $5 sketch only to not get paid, so trust me with your cash upfront and I can get work done post-haste. An invoice will be rendered before work begins.

As a rule of thumb, I cannot properly draw (or will outright refuse):

Mostly speaking to pornographic drawings, but I’ve yet to really make anything that has been good enough to sell to folks. My anatomy skills are frankly weak, so I would need to work on that some more before work of that nature can be done reliably.
* Mecha
There’s just so many moving parts and a keen eye needed for mecha, and past attempts have been... laughable. I can’t even do my favorite Gundam. If requested, no go.
* Offensive Works
Depictions of extreme violence, gore, rape, racist imagery, etc. is off the table entirely. Do not ask for it, it will be immediately declined.


By commissioning me in any kind of way, you are agreeing to the terms of service listed below.

Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.


When requesting a commission:
- Please write your request in a clear manner (no walls of text, please).
- Provide neat references of what you would like me to draw.
- Do note what I can, cannot, or will not draw.

I have the right to decline/cancel a commission on the basis of:
- the commission's subject matter
- you (the commissioner) treating me with no respect / professionalism
- not being able to properly fulfill your request

* If payment is already made for the commission, expect a full refund.


- Payment for commissions will be upfront, and in full. If you need to take your time, we can discuss the terms.
- I will only accept $USD.
- The cost doesn't include PayPal fees, which will be reflected in your invoice.
- Please do not send payment until after I send your invoice.
- There is no shipping address needed for a commission, since this is a digital good.


- Access to works-in-progress may be requested.
- If requested, I will show WIPs at the sketch, lineart, and flat color stages.
- I will also show WIPs in case I need further clarification on what you're expecting.
- The time for your commission to be completed may be between 1-2 months depending on various factors such as complexity, personal issues, and so on. If there is an issue, you will be contacted as soon as possible.


It is in my best interest to make you happy with your commission!

Very small changes (coloring/lineart error) after the completion of the commission will be handled with no charge, but anything more complicated will come with an added charge.


Commissions are intended for non-commercial use only, unless otherwise agreed upon.

They cannot be used to advertise people, businesses, or products, or mass-produced for profit/advertisement purposes.

I reserve the right to use the commission and its process work in my portfolio, blogs, galleries, books, etc.

You are allowed to display the commission on a personal blog/gallery with credit to me.


I hold the right to cancel a commission and refund its payment to you at any time.

You may cancel a commission if you haven't sent payment for it.

If you have a need to cancel your commission and be refunded during its process, please discuss that reason with me in email.

If you file a chargeback against me at any time, you will be blacklisted, and lose all rights to the commissioned piece(s). Doing such a thing is a serious violation of trust, and will be treated as a deliberate act.